Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to BRL

Hello world, I am Zachery Allen G*** (sensored for security purposes) some of you may know me as Goose or just simply Zach. This is my first blog. I have been wanting to do a blog for quite sometime now, but only recently have decided I do not have a life anymore, which is a prerequisite for blogging.

(I'm the good looking cat to the left)

In this blog you will find several different things. You will find random, funny thoughts in the humorously titled "Dwight Shrute's Beet Farm" section. You will find news and thoughts on hip hop and other types of music in the "Rhymes" section. And you will be enlightened with my intellgience and deep thoughts in the "Life" section.


  1. Too legit to quit. You may have a following now.

  2. So...blogging I see.
    I know you were inspired by the creative genius
    that is me.
    And my awesome blog.
    All I have to say
    is you should have gotten tumblr.
    I know what the Censored out bit is.
    PS You spelled censored wrong.

  3. did you already know how to spell prerequisite?

    or did you dictionary dot com that shit?