Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rhymes & Life: My Favorite Hip Hop Moments in My Life

(Please note that i took this from a post I made at, hense the not caring about grammar and all that good stuff.)

-I downloaded A Piece Of Strange by the CunninLynguists because a friend sent me a song called "Mic like a memory" so I wanted to check out an album from Cunninlynguists (nice name, nooott (c) wayne's world)but i put on the album as i was going to sleep i probably fell asleep after the first couple tracks cuz i was so tired. and i woke up during a song called "the gates" and thought i was dreaming, it was the most amazing piece of music I've ever heard, i didnt think it was real. Today A Piece of Strange is my favorite album of all time, and no piece of music has even come close to making an impact to my life the way that album did.

-I bought the college dropout during my 8th grade class trip, and it was one of the most amazing albums i ever heard right off from the first track, "give them a song the kids can sing to..."

(this is a cool video)

-i was watching a show on mtv2 that played music videos from the 90s, and "i used to love her" by Common came on, it was the first time i heard it, i remember thinking its dope,but what is it with common and songs about girls... then at the end he said "you know im talking about hip hop".. what?? i replayed that video at least 10 times that night, thank god for dvr

-going to best buy on 1/1/05 buying Illmatic an album by Nas which i downloaded it first cuz i couldnt find it at my local cd store, but hearing it all together in order in high quality for the first time, amazing. then reflection eternal, bought almost blindly, a friend sent me a track "Eternalists" and i was like damn the "get by" dude is rapping his ass off. then on some old hip hop show on mtv2 i was watching on new years eve i heard "the blast" i couldnt go to sleep that night cuz i couldnt wait to get the train of thought

-so my friend put me on the roots when i was in 8th grade, he burnt me a copy of Phrenology, which up until game theory was my fav roots album. i loved phrenology i played it all the time, but my junior year in hs after a football game, i decided to play it and then i finally heard this bonus track at the end of this track of like 9 mins of silence, these ridiculous drums come on, and then i heard kweli's voice, and omg i heard the best song on one of my fav albums 3 years after first hearing the album. i was pissed at my friend, i was :how you aint gonna tell me theres a bonus track with kweli at the end. he just shook his head and laughed...

- and finally my first hip hop concert, ive waited 18 entire years before it happened... it was october 11, 2008. Cunninlynguists with Substantial and Pack FM at Oberlin College. i wanted to bring my little brother but he couldnt go cuz u had to be 18 to get in the club. i leave two hours before the show starts because its an hour long drive, of course i got lost.

i finally found the place, get there at 10, when i thought the show started, but it started at 11, so i had an hour to burn... waiting outside i see this lady with a bunch of tatoos (she had to be in her late 30s atleast, probably in her 40s) and an older black dude, and they were talking about hip hop and she was a dj and he was a graffiti artists and she was talking about all the records she had signed, and i was sitting alone eavesdropping pretending i was listening to my ipod and then she calls me over and asked if i was there for the show and knew anything about the cunninglynguists.

i told them about how amazing APOS and dirty acres are, and she told some more incredible stories, and put me on to brother ali's shadows on the sunCheck Spelling (i already had the undisputed truth) but she said i had to check out that one, i bought it the next day.

they finally opened the club and the dj played some amazing songs (6th sense, The Blast, The Light, Mrs Fat Booty) and i wasnt even mad the opening acts dint start yet it was so much fun just listening to music with these ppl, and then substantial came on. i thought dude was decent, im a big fan of QN5 and i dled his album, it was good not great, but he came on stage dude was like 8 ft tall could barely talk and just rapped his ass off... then he asked for a bottle of water and i look to the right of me and pack fm was standing right next to me handing dude a bottle of water.

whutduzFMstand4? was one of my fav albums at the time, and i went over to pack shoook his hand, and i was so excited i didnt say anythign too intelligent i probably came off as an ass i think i said something like "dude you're amazing, you're really good man". then pack went on stage and just murdered it, he was probably like 5'8" and he just rapped with so much passion, i wanted to be just like him...

but after all of that, it was time for the reason i was there to come on stage, my favorite rap group, Cunninlynguits. Ive listened to their 4 albums and 2 mixtapes in the past 2 years more than any other artists ive ever listened to. APOS is my fav album of all time.

the stage was dark... everything was silent... my phone went off, it was mid-night, and my girl was wishing me happy birthday, cuz it was october 12, my bday, and then i hear the opening keys to "Never" and the voice of big rube saying "we will never die"... and then a hooded scary black man with a lousiville slugger enters the stage to my right, and the beat from "things i dream" comes on, and it was Natti, this dude was bigger than life.

after natti spit his verse, Kno and Deacon entered the stage, and they put on an unforgettable show, it changed my life, it was prbably the best night of my life. I got to shake Kno Deacon and Nattis hands. they were done with the show and they hadnt performed mexico yet, and i was yelling at kno to do mexico, he looked over at me and kinda laughed, they did "hellfire" for their encore, everyone went nuts, i was pissed. then kno looked at me again and then "mexico" came on for the second encore... damn ill never forget that show, i love hip hop

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