Monday, March 9, 2009

Life: After Death- R.I.P. Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace

It's been 12 years since one of the biggest names in hip hop history has passed away. I'm not going to make some bold statement like he was top 5 of all time, or "Ready to Die" is the greatest album of all time. But certainly Biggie was an excellent lyricisits, one of the best of his time, and it's a damn shame he was taken from us so soon and during his prime. It would have been interesting if he would've never passed, and to see how much different hip hop would be today, because he was very influential. I've yet to see his biopic, aptly titiled "Notorious" which was released about 2 months ago, I'll probably rent it when it's out of DVD. To remember his legacy here are some of his finer, lesser-known, classic tracks (No "Big Poppa" or "Hypnotize").

ok well this is a well known song, but it's an undeniable classic, his first single: "Juicy"

mmm "10 Crack Commandments" brilliant song, brilliant beat by DJ Premier

this is the only version i can find, trust me the album version is sooo much better, the drums are harder and crisper, no annoying guitar, the strings are better, etc. but this will suffice I guess...

once again, not the original beat, cuz youtube blows, but the original version beat is much better...

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