Monday, May 28, 2012

Rhymes: Nas - "Daughters" (Music Video)

Hello my fellow beets, I know it's been a while, but I was super busy graduating and getting a job and all that jive. But I am finally back with a dope video/song off of Nas' upcoming album, Life is Good, which is set to drop July 17! This is the third video off of the up-coming album, and it is a really great song about being a father to a teenage daughter.

The song has recently gotten some flack from Nas' ex, Carmen for making their daughter, Destiny look bad. And I agree that the song and video highlight a lot of negatives including a line about her posting pictures of her condoms on Instagram. But at the same time, Nas is an artist and he is going to write about his life. He often blames himself in the song for not being a strict enough father or not always being there for his daughter. Overall this is a very moving and genuine song (produced by No ID, who is going to exec produce the album), and hopefully the rest of Nas' 10th LP will be as good.