Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Mustache March

The end of March is quickly approaching us. The 31-day ode to the most underrated, yet most difficult, facial hair style has just about concluded. But before everyone breaks out their shaving creme and razors, let's reflect on some of the most glorious mustaches that have even been donned on a man's upper-lip. As well as some weak attempts to remind us how special it really is to be able to grow and pull of a mustache.

Top 10 Best Mustaches:

#10 (a). Br*nd*n C*ffm*n (censored for security purposes)

An understudy of his father, a local legend in facial hair, let his glorious mustache touch the lives of us momentarily. BG misses its wildcard.

#10 (b). **st*n M*ss (censored for security purposes) aka Sir Bo Outlaw

I had to make an edit because of a glaring om ission of long-time BRL follower/bear/mustache donner Bo Outlaw. His mustacheness is definitely in the top-tier of facial hairs that my eyes have ever had the privilege of witnessing.

#9. Richard Pryor

One of the best comedians ever also had one of the best mustaches of all time as well.

#8. Tom Tucker

Easily the best cartoon mustache out there, here's to you, Tom Tucker.

#7. William Taft

I don't know much about his presidency, but he easily is America's best mustached president.

#6. John Stossel

One of my favorite journalists, and I hope for obvious reasons.

#5. Ron Jeremy

Paved the way for the "porn star mustache" look.

#4. Mike Ditka

Coach Ditka, need I say more?

#3. Ron Swanson

BRL's man of the year has a glorious mustache, indeed.

#2. Rollie Fingers

Oakland A's pitcher is truly an inspiration to aspiring mustache growers.

#1. Wilford Brimley

The famous Diabetes commercial guy, has THEE best mustache in the game. You can't Dia-Beat-his mustache, yo.

Honorable Mentions: Borat, John Selleck, Robert Goulet, Poncho Villa, and Albert Einstein

Top 5 WORST Mustaches:

#5. Prince

No one has ever looked so feminine while sporting a mustache.

#4. Michael Jordon

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Taking a page from...

#3. Adolf Hitler

Holocaust, WWII, German cars, but his worst offense? You tell me...

#2. J. Cz*r*k

Shit's weak bro (BG'ers will get that little play on words).

#1. Adam Morrison

Yeah, I'd cry too if my mustache game was that weak.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rhymes: The Coup Kids - "All I Ever Wanted" (Free DL)

Here is a song I recorded with my friend Zirgs. You may recognize him from my last album, A Dorm is Not a Home, on which he played guitar on a track called "Grand Am." This track is a remake of another song from that album titled (obviously) "All I Ever Wanted."

Together we are called The Coup Kids (baller name, i know), he will be playing guitar and I will be holding down the rapping duties. We have decided to record an EP of older songs I've done plus maybe some covers of songs you may or may not recognize. You can either stream the track or download that ish for free.

BRL Update: New Look

As you probably already have noticed (all told your wives/husbands/moms/dads about) Dwight's Beet Farm got itself a new look. BRL went for an outside hire, and enlisted one-time Bawse, and fellow Blogger *l**n* B*z*s (Edited for security purposes) to do the site's design/header/logo. You can check out her blog, but as you will notice almost immediately, her blog (which is about books n shit) is vastly inferior to this blog. But in her defense BRL is wayyy nice, and probs the best blog in the blogosphere; this is based only on assumption because I've never looked at any other blogs (Did Van Gogh hang other dude's paintings in his house? didn't think so).

So enjoy the new and improved layout and give a shout out to The Bawse for hookin us up with something that doesn't "make [you] want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rhymes: John Legend - "Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)"

John Legend did an awesome a capella cover of one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite non-hip hop albums of 2011, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" off her album, 21.

Click Here to Download swiped from

Rhymes: Death Cab for Cutie - You Are A Tourist

DEATH CAB for CUTIE - You Are A Tourist [Album Version] by ATL REC.
Lately I've been hip hop'n ya'll to death. So here's a nice little change of pace: the new Death Cab single. Ben Gibbard and the boys are geared up to release their 7th LP on May 31. Check out the album cover and track list below:

01 “Home Is A Fire”
02 “Codes And Keys”
03 “Some Boys”
04 “Doors Unlocked And Open”
05 “You Are A Tourist”
06 “Unobstructed Views”
07 “Monday Morning”
08 “Portable Television”
09 “Underneath The Sycamore”
10 “St “Peter’s Cathedral”
11 “Stay Young, Go Dancing”

Rhymes: Pharoahe Monch - "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" Album Stream

Pharoahe Monch's long awaited third album, W.A.R. (We Are Renegades finally saw its release this week. The much anticipated project, and first on indie label Duck Down Music, features a stellar cast including production by: Exile, Marco Polo, and Diamond D and guest spots from: Phonte, Styles P, Immortal Technique, Citizen Cope, Royce Da 5'9", Jean Grae, and more.

I've only listened to the album once so far (on the stream up above), but it sounds like it's going to be one of the year's bests. It is a politically charged album reminiscent of Dead Prez and Immortal Technique (who is featured on the album's title track).


Here is the "extended music video" for the lead-single, "Clap (One Day)." The stunning visual plays more like a short film than a music video.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rhymes: CunninLynguists - Oneirology Album Stream / Live Performance

The 'Lynguists fifth full-length album, Oneirology will be released next Tuesday (March 22), but Kno, Deac, and Natti decided to unleash the effort a week early. So far I've listened to the album probably close to ten times on the bandcamp, as I await the physical release. It really is among their best work. It's unbelievable how much they can evolve their sound in a matter of months. This record sounds nothing like Deacon's side-gig, N***az Wit Altitude or Kno's solo opus,Death is Silent both of which were released less than 6 months ago.

Like their 3rd offering, A Piece of Strange, Oneirology is a concept record that revolves around fantasy, death, and dreams. I haven't really been able to closely examine the narrative yet because I haven't really listened to it all that carefully because I've been playing it mostly while doing homework over my laptop speakers, which definitely does not do the album justice (don't worry I just ordered a new pair of headphones specifically for this album).

CunninLynguists recently released this live acoustic version of one of the album's many standout cuts, "Looking Back." This is a great performance with Natti and Deacon trading verses, Anna Wise singing the chorus, Kno on the drums, and (presumably) Willie Eames on guitar. I would LOVE to see them do the whole album in this format, in an MTV Unplugged-type setting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rhymes: Blue Scholars - Cinemetropolis

Blue Scholars "Cinemetropolis" Kickstarter Campaign from Blue Scholars on Vimeo.

Another highly anticipated independent release in 2011 will be Blue Scholars' long-awaited 3rd LP, Cinemetropolis.

Sabzi and Geo released their 2007 opus, Bayani was originally released on Rawkus Records in 2007, then re-released through Duck Down in 2009, but this time they will completely cut out the record label, and release it completely independently. They have started a kickstarter page, asking fans to donate money to finance the album. The duo is trying to raise $25,000 by April 21. So far, fans have raised over $16,000 with 37 days to go.

There are great incentives for fans to donate to Blue Scholars including advanced copies of the album, concert tickets, limited edition posters, and more.

The sound of the album will be largely influenced by music of cinema, and will also include visuals to each track on the new record. Cinemetropolis is expected to be released in June, and a Fall tour will follow.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rhymes: 2011 - Year of the Rhymesayer

2009 was a huge year for the Minnesota-based indie rap label with many releases finishing in my personal top records of that year. Last year the label had a handful of interesting releases, but 2011 is definitely gearing up to be the year of the Rhymesayer.

The first RSE release will be the Columbus emcee, Blueprint. "So Alive" is the third video/single released from the up-coming album, Adventures in Counter Culture. "So Alive" along with his other singles "Keep Bouncing" and "Radio-Inactive" are increasingly building hype around his album which will examine American Popular Culture.

The second RSE release of 2011 is also probably the most anticipated one - Atmosphere's first longplay in almost exactly 3 years, The Family Sign. The album is expected to continue the live instrumentation from guitarist Nate Collis and Key-man Erick Anderson, which were very prominent on last year's double EP release as well as the group's 2008 LP. On this track Slug tells a story about taking a loved one for granted. Another great concept for the music video features a dog being neglected by its family until it runs away, then the video concludes with a "Missing Dog" poster.

Grieves had a pretty big 2010: signing with RSE, Re-released his excellent 2008 album 88 Keys & Counting, and releasing a great EP on the RSE. 2011 is to be an even bigger year for the Seattle-based rapper, as he plans on releasing his first LP on Rhymesayers, Together/Apart. His rockstar looks and complex lyricism filled with vivid imagery reminiscent of a young Slug, will once again be complimented by Budo's guitar licks, piano loops and horns. Together/Apart is expected to see a June release.

Other Rhymesayers who are expecting to see a 2011 release include: Evidence's long awaited RSE debut Cats & Dogs
Freeway is also expected to see another release following his collaboration LP with Jake-One
The Seattle beatsmith, Jake-One is expected to release his follow up to his 2008 double-disc, White Van Music .

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rhymes: Macklemore - "My Oh My" (Live Performance)

It was November 2009 when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis first performed on KEXP, a radio station in their home town of Seattle. Up until that point, I had heard Macklemore on a great CunninLynguists track and a song called "Otherside." The track sampled the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name. After watching their performance of the song on KEXP, I instantly became a believer.

This performance of "My Oh My," a tribute to Seattle Mariners' legendary play-by-play man, Dave Niehaus, gives me flashbacks of his "Otherside" performance nearly a year and a half earlier. This is the type of track that has an extremely specific topic, but his brilliant songwriting ability and passion he has for the subject is so powerful, you don't even have to be a baseball fan to feel this track.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have embarked on their first national tour, and judging by their Twitter and Facebook updates, it seems to be going very well. I wish them all the best, and I cannot wait for March 29 to see them perform with Blueprint in Ann Arbor.

Here's a little bonus video:

Macklemore interviewing his alter-ego, Sir Ravin Bowie, best known for his classic song "And We Danced," which always fills the dance floors of Troup and Reed house parties.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Nora's MMmm Lists (part 2)

And here is the much awaited conclusion to Nora's Mmmm (again, the word that I used when blog was lame, but I made the word blog cool again) Lists.

5 Reasons I Hate You (Editor's Note: directed towards me presumably)
1. You say "Suck It" way too much. Rude. (Editor's Note: Suck it.)
2. You didn't like the Fleetwood in Ann Arbor (Editor's Note: my bad I don't like restaurants where a couple can openly fornicate three inches from where I'm trying to eat, and sorry I don't like restaurants where the person cooking my food can smoke cigarettes while cooking and serving my food. Michigan is a backwards ass state)
3. You don't like J Kwon
4. You hate Canada and Michigan
5. You have AIDS (Editor's note: I am completely disease free (well at least of AIDS and most STIs)

5 Reasons I Love You (Editor's Note: again towards me.)
1. Your taste in MOST music
2. You don't judge me for Hip Hop Nation
3. You are so Jewish with monie$$ (Editor's Note: We at BRL are accepting of all cultures and are in no way anti-Semitic. Also we encourage the proper spelling of money)
4. Whenever you are in my car "Runaway" plays
5. You met Nala and Lulu (Rest in Peace, Bitches) (editor's note: Nala and Lulu are Nora's now deceased dogs. When I visited her in Michigan, one of them never moved and the other pissed everywhere)

5 Things I Despise of Troup (Editor's note she means about Troup, which is my home)
1. No Heat
2. Dishes
3. Smells of stale beer on Sundays.
4. The way the house looks after weekend parties
5. (Editor's Note: The paper was torn so i cant read #5, but I'm sure it sucked)

Things we Should Do This Year:
- Concerts
- Go to Ann Arbor
- Go to Zoo
- Go to Art Museum
- Have competition for who can drink more
- Learn how to use twitter (That's for MEE!!) (Editor's Note: Nora can now successfully use Twitter. Congratz, bitch)