Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rhymes: Fleet Foxes - "Sim Sala Bim" (Live Performance)

Robin Pecknold and company stop by Jimmy Fallon to perform the 3rd track off of their latest album. Check out my review for Hopelessness Blues here.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Louis Boston - "Smile Again" (Music Video)

Louis Boston 'Smile Again' from huw caddy on Vimeo.

Here's an extremely dope video/song from a UK rapper name Louis Boston. Don't know much about the guy, but this song is excellent.

Here is a link to his soundcloud, which has a few more bangers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhymes: Grieves - "Bloody Poetry" (Music Video)

Here's the second single off of Grieves & Budo's up-coming Rhymesayers debut, Together/Apart. This is a pretty awesome video to go with a great song that I've been waiting for an official release for a long time. June 21st is the release date. The first official day of summer is sure to be a damn good one.

Rhymes: Bon Iver - "Calgary" (New Single)

Bon Iver's first single off of their up-coming Self-Titled LP. Just as I had hoped, this song (and judging by the album cover, the rest of the album) has a beautiful summer vibe to it. Make you go out and support on June 21 when their long awaited sophomore album is released.

Free Download

Rhymes: Blu - Je s u s (LP Link / Download)

Out of the blu (see what I did there) the LA emcee Blu releases a new LP titled Je s u s. Unfortunately this sounds like Blu recorded this on Audacity using a built-in computer mic. I don't understand why he can't release something with some decent sound quality and/or mixing, but this still manages to be kinda dope. Production from The Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Madlib, hezekiah, Knxwledge, Nathan and Godlee Barnes himself.

Support at Bandcamp

or check out a free download provided by the good folks at Nah Right: Free Download

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rhymes: What the Eff is a Yash Kapoor?

What the Eff is a Yash Kapoor?

Yash Kapoor is a producer, DJ, and emcee from Vancouver, BC. He got his start producing and DJing five years ago. He said that music has always been a major influence in his life. He bought equipment by taking out a student loan and started his musical career when he was 20 years old.

“I was gearing up to move to LA, but then I suffered a knee injury which changed that plan quite dramatically,” he said. “After I sustained that injury no one could really answer what happened, so I had to find out for myself and I got my degree in human kinetics.”


Currently Yash Kapoor is a Kinesiologist and an owner of his own rehabilitation company. Yash Kapoor’s music is also heavily influenced by his professional work, with albums titled Energy is Sound and My Meditation.

“Meditation is a stated of being where you are completely engrossed in the moment, unaware of all else and elevated to the universe,” Yash Kapoor said. “If you follow what you love you get to a state of being where nothing even matters or exists. I get there with music, basketball and chess. When I first started to make music it was my chess music, I would make a beat and play chess to it and I noticed I could zone to it.”

Use Your Voice

“There’s a gun to my head and he said ‘use your voice,’ so I’m pleading for my life, I sacrifice the time I’m given” Yash Kapoor said on “Nice Guys Finish Last (Knock @ 666) a track off of his latest LP, Saight.

He released his third album last October, but with this release, he decided to rap over his bass-heavy productions for the first time.

“To this day I would never say that I created Saight, something kept calling me back to the studio and it was like a faucet, just open,” Yash Kapoor said. “I didn’t create the meaning behind any of those tracks they created themselves, and for some of the listeners its material that can change your life. I never wanted or desired to MC before mostly because I think most people MC for the attention.”

Saight is about positive visions, he said. Reception of his latest work has been generally positive, but he said he had recently experienced a slight set back with a negative review from Okayplayer.

“I could feel that review coming so I was prepared for it,” he said. “I was talking to Rapper (Big) Pooh (of Little Brother) and he said that ‘you have to do you, no matter what anyone else says.’ You are (going to) get positive feedback and negative feedback. I just use my ‘saight’ and focus on the positive.”


Yash Kapoor, who has proudly worked with some of his heroes including: Rapper Big Pooh, Danny Brown, Vast Aire, LMNO, Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Oddisee and Moka Only is currently at work on his next album, Time and Option.

While there is no set release for the upcoming project, he has high expectations for the release.

“We all have time and option but I chose to spend mine on music,” he said. “This is a reflection of what I have been doing.”