Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Things That Don't Sit Too Well With Me Vol. #2

- No car
- No food
- Homework over spring break
- The new app on iTunes, iTunesDJ (which is the same thing as Party Mix or whatever it was called)
- Soap Operas
- The new facebook set up...
- Those fucking "My Friends" pictures that are plaguing facebook
- The eight feet of rain that we've gotten in Tiffin, Ohio since spring break started


  1. Point one: I've never had a car
    Point two: Food is overrated, it makes you fat
    Point three: I have a project due the monday we come back as well as a project due the wednesday we go back so i know how you feel.

    I'm sorry I tagged you in an obscene amount of those things lol batman

  2. Also
    You can get a little last fm thing that'll automatically put in your top played tracks or whatever, amber and I have them

  3. Why did everyone's facebook change but mine?

  4. well you tagged me as batman, which makes everything ok. yeah i tried that it did not work properly, but i like to do it myself though, gives my diehard readers something to look forward to