Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life: A Dorm is Not Home part 1

Oh what a place we live. We eat, sleep, study, fuck, drink, do absolutly nothing, and so much more in this 16' by 12' room. A hall full of 20 plus strangers share the same dirty bathrooms, drink out of the same dirty fountains everyday. We leave high school expecting to get closer to the real world, but I think college takes us in the opposite direction. This place is so far from reality, I feel so distanced from civilation. I feel alienated from the real world, its almost like a prison here except there are very few rules and most of us dont know how to deal with it. Also not having a form of transportation makes it especially difficult to connect with the world outside of BGSU. I rarely leave campus and when I do, it is simply down Wooster and thats about the extent of it.

Dont get me wrong, I'm loving college, and I'm having a great time, but so much of it does not feel like reality. Asher Roth has it completely wrong, college is so much more than smoking bongs and beer pong. The school work is also a highly overrated aspect of it too. The classes are exponentially more difficult than high school, but I think after a semester or so you learn the rules: You cant get by not studying or doing homework, if a professor is a dousche bag or if a class is too hard for you drop it immediately, dont schedule classes too early, attend all the outside things you have to for your classes. Doing all of that this semester has made my life much easier, than last semester, but like I previously stated, academics are a small part of this.

I think some of the advantage of being alienated from the world, is simply because we arent ready for it. This time is for us to figure out who we really are. We spent our first 18 years being the people our parents want to be, and now they arent there to dictate our every action. It is interesting to see people develope over the year here too. Relationships have a very large, probably too large affect on our developement into us becoming adults. I've seen some of my friends go from living at home having their family and past bf/gf control them continue this path and not develop independence, which i think is very dangerous for their personality. Living in the dorms also change relationships drastically from high school. Some relationships are built upon basically living with eachother, and spending every waking (and sleeping) moment together. Initially you'd think that the couples would want some privacy or time to theirselves but none of the couples i know like this, have seem to have this problem. But one huge flaw with these kind of relationships is that they are alienating themselves from the already alienated lives we live here. These couples rarely leave the dorm room and spend little time with other people, which is detrimental to their social lives. Not only that, they are also behind on learning the most important lesson in college, which is independence. These people are not going to know what its like to make their own decisions, and instead of learning how to make decisions now (which involves making a lot of stupid ones) with the rest of their peers, they won't learn this until later in life which could be hurtful to their future.

It's getting late, but I think I should explain the "A Dorm in Not a Home" feature in my blog. Basically I want to write a song called "A Dorm is Not a Home" (which is a play on the Luther Vandross song). I know what I want to talk about, but I dont have the right beat yet, and I dont think I'll be able to fit all i want to say in one song, so I think I'm going to title my next album the same title. I dont know if I'm ever going to finish this project, since my heart really hasnt been into rapping like it used to be, but I have started writing again recently. But in order to organize my ideas for certain songs, I'm going to write my ideas on my mmmmmmmm (the b word).


  1. Hallelujah. This is what we all believe, and what we all don't want to believe.

  2. I just wish some of our friends would come to realize all the points you made. Some of our friends need to realize that spending every moment, hell even every DAY together hurts in the long run. It speeds up the process to that stage in the relationship where all you do is fight and you have to be able to have a strong enough foundation to make it through. But if you spend everyday with someone you are dating, you are setting yourself up to fail sooner rather than later. it's sad but i wish a couple of my friends would see that. i can see the future for them, which looks quite dim, i wish they would open their eyes and see it too.

  3. I agree with many of your points here.
    But I must point out that I feel more at home in my dorm than at my house
    next year I will definitely NOT have a roommate
    will most likely have my own bathroom. To myself.
    That is all.
    Not really
    I hate how your blog makes me verify that I'm human.
    THAT is all.