Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rhymes & LIfe: Danny! - "Keep Your Head to the Sky"

Yeah, I know this joint has been out since the beginning of 2012, but he posted it on Tumblr again, and I felt it necessary to share some personal thoughts/reflections on Danny!'s music and my life.

I’ve been riding for Danny! fairly hard the past 4-5 months. But damn dude just makes some really uplifting music. I’m in the midst of some pretty hard times in my life currently, and I can honestly say “And I Love H.E.R.” has been one of the most helpful albums for me to listen to the past few months.

Back in May, he allowed me to listen to Payback (1.0), and this was right when all these bad things started to happen. I really wish I would’ve been able to listen to tracks like “Get Up” along with the rest of the album, but unfortunately that wasn’t the way things played out. “Misery” off of And I Love H.E.R. more than made up for it though.

Anyways by the time Payback (2.0) comes out (SEPTEMBER 25), I really hope to be on the other end of this whole thing I’m going through. But if not, I know Danny!’s gonna hold me down with some great, inspirational music. Check this track out and remember to cop Payback on 9/25 via Okayplayer Records.

And if September is too far away for ya'll, he just re-released his 2nd instrumental album, Dream, Fulfilled today.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rhymes: Ben Z & Dejection - "Liquid Reflections" (Artist Spotlight)

Today I received an email from an emcee named Ben Z, who hails from Madison, Wisconsin. Yesterday he released his new album "Liquid Reflections" which is entirely produced by German producer, Dejection. Ben's technical lyricism and Dejection's European, electronic hip hop production is a pretty solid combination. Check out tracks like "Circumstances," "Childhood" and "Love," which has a very cynical yet thought-provoking take on relationships. You can stream the album at their Bandcamp page, and they're offering a $10 download as well as a $15 CD. Press Release:
On August 7th, 2012, Madison, WI-based emcee Ben Z and Darmstadt, Germany-based producer Dejection released their full length album, “Liquid Reflections”. This bold album was born out of SoundCloud collaborations across the globe. It features a new and unique sound that combines Ben Z's intelligent lyrical style and catchy hooks with Dejection's bouncy electro synths and pounding drums. This new brand of hip hop will capture your attention right from the beginning with tracks such as “Reflect” and “Not just who you see”. Not only have Ben Z and Dejection delivered a powerful, thoughtful, new style of music; but they also brought along an amazing supporting cast of guest artists including: Sphinx Guiliano, theEditson, Jer 1 of Figureheads, Marlene Johnson, and One Hello World. To listen to and purchase Liquid Reflections, please go to: To keep up with news, videos, and other information on Liquid Reflections, please go to: