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Juice & Goose - "I Got Money, I Got Bitches"

The most balleristic, classic, rap shit you've ever fucking heard bitch!!!

The Bro Code coming whenever we get tired of getting money and bitches and start recording the shit!

Life: R.I.P. "The Rodge"

The Rodge has finally been torn down. Currently, only the West Wing still stands. The four story testimony to man and life was closed last May, and has been uninhabited for the past year, preparing demolition.

First they started in the courtyard. Tearing out the trees that provided us with shade during those dog days of August, where we were still strangers with The Rodge. Then the sidewalks that we would walk on our way to classes and on our way back to our home base, where we could rest our heads. Then they tore East Wing, where we lived. They tore down the Smokers Door, where countless cigarettes and conversations ranging from small talks with strangers to pouring out of souls to best friends.

Leaving for spring break, I had not planned to ever see the building where I spent my first year from my life in Tiffin, OH. Coming back, I saw very little left of the building, but more than I had expected. By the end of the week The Rodge will be nothing more than a memory.They can tear down the building, but the the friends that we made there, the lessons we learned there, and the memories made there will last forever.

Goose - A Dorm is Not a Home Official Artwork

Album art work done by Jason D*Marc*, overseen by Zach G*s*.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, here is a working link:

Its been a while...

While we at BRL were away, Beets, Rhymes, & Life celebrated it's B-day on March 1st!!! It's been an entire year of blogging excellence, we here at BRL would like to take time to appreciate our extensive fanbase, including the 6 followers we entertain as well as the infinite readers who couldnt figure out how to officially follow us here at BRL.

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One Year and Going Strong!!!

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