Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rhymes: iTunes Update

So every week on BRL, I will post my top 5 songs on iTunes, as well as the top 5 songs played this week.

Overall :
#5: CunninLynguists "Hourglass"
#4: Kanye West "Bad News"
#3: Chico & the Man (Tonedeff and Kno) "My Lady"
#2: Atmosphere "If I Were Santa Claus"
#1: Bright Eyes "First Day of My Life"

This Week:
#T5: Atmosphere "You" "Carry Me Home" The Waitress" "Smart Went Crazy" "Guarantees" "Dreamer" "Say Hey There"
#T5: Band of Horses "Our Swords"
#T5: We Are Scientist "After Hours"
#2: Bishop Allen "Middle Management
#1: The Submarines "Xavia"

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