Tuesday, March 31, 2009

iTunes Update (Jason D*M*rc* Edition)

I have recently posted my friend, Bo Outlaw's top 5 most played, and I'm continuing the trend by posting my friend Jason's top 5 most played songs.

#5.) Coldplay - "See You Soon"
#4.) Tracy Chapman - "Talkin Bout a Revolution"
#3.) The Kooks - "Love it All"
#2.) The Shins - "New Slang"
#1.) The Format - "First Single (You Know Me)"

#5.) Forgive Durden - "The Exit"
#4.) Blackalicous - "Make You Feel That Way"
#3.) Forgive Durden - "The Missing Piece"
#2.) CunninLynguists - "Don't Leave (When Winter Comes) ft Slug
#1.) Atmosphere - "Modern Man's Hustle"


  1. Props to Jason for liking The Format
    Props to Goose for having 2 Razia's Shadow songs on his list.
    Random Fact - Brendon Urie's bit in The Exit never fails to delight me. I'm not sure why.

  2. as another follower, i demand to have my itunes on here as well. unless you are playing favorites to jason.

  3. you were next on my list michael, but jason was convinetly next to me when i started posting this and u were at work. but in due time michael, in due time.

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