Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rhymes: "A Song For the Walk Home"

I hate playing my music for my friends, because it annoys me when people are all like hey check out my new cd, check this out, you hear my new song, be sure to listen to my new shit man. So i take the high road and keep my music to myself, but with my departure from BG in a couple of days has inspired me to make a little video-type thing for my newest song. The song is really rough, the vocals are distorted due to the crappy recording program i have on my lap top,and my singing on the hook will be replaced with an adequate vocalist for the final version of the song. But this song is about returning home after a year at school, i wrote this before winter break, but it works now too. Any comments about the song would be appriciated. Here it goes world premier of Goose's latest recording...


  1. i like this goose....very well done, i thoroughly enjoyed it brother

  2. Zach, your voice is the only thing that keeps me sane.

  3. And I may have been there for over 85% of those photos haha.