Friday, May 22, 2009

From the Local Family Video: Stupid Movie Night vol #2

I'm going to post about the 2nd film we watched last night first. We rented the movie, Scar due to the backcover wihch showed two actors screaming which looked like it had potential to be a horrible horror film. Unfortunatly it wasnt the best pick up we have made on SMN, the acting wasn't by any means good, but not bad enough to make it fun to mock. The story line did have some decent potential, but in the end it was poorly executed. This movie was too bad to actually enjoy, yet not nearly bad enough to enjoy.
SMN Rating: 5/10

Mr. Jingles Review Coming Soon...


  1. Technically, this is Stupid Movie Night Volume 1 since your first one was called Random Movie Night. Come on Goose, be consistent.

  2. yeah i know, ski decided to change it to stupid movie night, i preferred RMN but i was out voted