Thursday, May 21, 2009

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Say NO! to Hulu!

This commercial aired last February during the Super Bowl. To many this is just another humorous commercial, advertising for the popular video site, hulu. I too found it to be nonthreatening at first, but then i got to thinking about it... Alec Baldwin...hmmm... I always had a suspicion that the Baldwins were aliens, so I got to thinking... What if Alec was simply giving us a warning, and mocking the human race by unvieling the alien's secret plan to take over the world... I wouldn't put it past the aliens or Alec Baldwin. So this is BRL's boycott to Hulu.


  1. Point one:
    I like Hulu
    Point two:
    I like Alec Baldwin
    Point three:
    I really like 30 Rock, which is what I thought this was about initially because I saw Alec Baldwin.
    Point 4:
    I like the Seth MacFarlane version of this better

  2. Point 5: ^ You're an alien.