Monday, May 25, 2009

From the Local Family Video: Stupid Movie Night vol #2 (Continued)

Very rarely does a single moment in your life completely change everything about you. These moments can transform you from a boy to a man, man and woman to man and wife, and husband and wife to dad and mom. We come across these moments so few times in life, which makes them special, and it is important to cherish these moments, because there is no way of telling how many more of these moments we have left on this earth. The latest of these conquests happened just last thursday night, in my very own basement, the viewing of an independant film entitled, Mr. Jingles.

Mr. Jingles is a once, maybe twice in a lifetime movie. The stars were aligned in the making of this motion picture, it is an epic, perfect storm of film, where I like to think God, himself had a little handle in the production. This film matched all the prerequisites for a good SMN movie, shoddy camera work, back acting, unnecessary nudity, low budget, unrealistic violence, and a decaptitaion scene.

Mr. Jingles is supposed to be a loose sequel to S.I.C.K., which along with Fear of Clowns recieved a perfect score. There are no evident references to S.I.C.K. in Jingles, but it obviously done by the same hands who gave us S.I.C.K.

Here is a little sneak preview, this is an excellent scene in which the english language has yet to establish a word to describe...

SMN: 10/10

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  1. This YouTube video just made me want to see this famed master class of film. My God, perfection! Hahaha.