Friday, May 15, 2009

From the Local Family Video: Random Movie Night

Tonight's Random Movie Night, was the first of the summer and a rather successful one. The night started out with Goose Ski and Craig trying to act civilized instead of the usual, which includes acting like jackasses. It was a failed attempt, when the trio entered the video store, realizing none of them had any money, which caused them to bust out in laughter for several minutes. After they got money they rented two movies, Gacy and Cry_Wolf.


This movie had what we wanted from RMN, horrible acting, poor plot, shoddy camera work, pointless sex scene, clowns, and it was overall a terrible movie.
RMN Rating: 7/10


This movie had the potential to be a quality film, which is not what we look for in RMN. The plot is decent and it is well produced. There also is a scene in the film that features Sage Francis' song "Sea Lion" which I recommend you all listen to. Also Jon Bon Jovi stars in the movie,discrediting the film for RMN because of the big name actor rule. This is a decent movie, its not over yet, but it seems pretty good, too good for Random Movie Night.
RMN Rating: 2/10

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  1. dude is it bad that i immediately recognized one of the names from GACY lol? Glenn Morshower is a secret service agent named PIERCE in 24 haha