Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rhymes: #30-21 Greatest Albums of All Time

It's been a while since I've updated this... so here are the much anticipated next 10 albums of my list...

#30) Lauryn Hill - "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"

Fun Fact: Lauryn's 1998 debut is the only appearance in my list from a female.
Top Songs: To Zion, Lost One, Doo Wop (That Thing), I Used to Love Him

#29) Death Cab for Cutie - "Plans"

Fun Fact: The Only Full Length Death Cab album on my iTunes, more Death Cab albums would likely be added to the list in the future.
Top Songs: Someday You Will Be Loved, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, What Sarah Said, Soul Meets Body, Your Heart is an Empty Room

#28) Jay-Z - "American Gangster"

Fun Fact: Jay-Z's most recent album, is a concept album based off of the 2007 Denzel Washington movie with the same title. This is Jay-Z's third and highest rated album on my list.
Top Songs: Fallin', American Dreamin', No Hook, Roc Boys, Pray, Success, Say Hello

#27) Atmosphere - "You Cant Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"

Fun Fact: This is the first of the 3 Atmosphere albums on my list. You Cant Imagine... is also the first Atmosphere album I've album I ever bought.
Top Songs: Little Man, Pour Me Another, Smart Went Crazy, Say Hey There, Get Fly

#26) John Legend - "Get Lifted"

Fun Fact: Legend's debut is the only R&B album to appear on my list. Bought this album the same day I bought the classic Will Ferrell movie, Anchorman.
Top Songs: Used to Love You, Lets Get Lifted, Ordinary People, I Can Change, Number One

#25) Masta Ace - "A Long Hot Summer"

Fun Fact: Great summer time album, Masta Ace's alegedily last solo effort, is arguably his best.
Top Songs: Revelations, Good Ol' Love, Beautiful, Do It Man, Soda & Soap, The Ways, Wutuwunkno

#24) Forgive Durden - "Razia's Shadow: A Musical"

Fun Fact: The newest album (to me) on the list. I got this album a week before making this list. This is a brilliant concept album, wheere the story is told like a musical.
Top Songs: Missing Piece, Genesis, Toba the Tura,The Oracle, The Apex, The Exit

#23) Pack FM - "WhutduzFMstand4?"

Fun Fact: The only non-Cunninlynguists QN5 album on the list.
Top Songs: WhutduzFMstand4?, Token Love Song, Click Clack & Spray, Free-esta, I Cant Win, Lessons

#22) Andre 3000 - "The Love Below"

Fun Fact: Bought this double album in 2004 and only enjoyed Big Boi's album, then 3 years later discovered the genius that is The Love Below.
Top Songs:She Lives in My Lap, A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre, Hey Ya!, Take of Your Cool, Prototype

#21) Brother Ali - "The Undisputed Truth"

Fun Fact: Brother Ali's second album has songs biographically talking about his religion, how he married his wife at 17 without knowing her, his divorce, his son, and so much more. This is probably the most personal album on this list, Ali bears it all in this 2007 classic.
Top Songs: Walking Away, Faheem, Freedom Aint Free, Truth Is, Here, Letter From the Government, Ear to Ear


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  2. ^ thats really unfortunate... i enjoy a good hug now and then