Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rhymes: Top Hip Hop Singles of the Decade (40-31)

#40 The Roots "Break You Off" (2002)

This 2002 single is off the follow up to their 1999 grammy winning classic hit "You Got Me", many say it was a disappointment, but that album along with this song is what got me into the legendary roots crew.

#39 Kanye West "Touch the Sky (ft Lupe Fiasco)[2005]

This song introduced the world to Lupe Fiasco, and Lupe goes off on this. Classic Just Blaze beat, one of Kanye's finer singles.

#38 Raekwon "House of the Flying Daggers (ft. Ghost, Inspectah, Mef, and GZA)[2009] (Heres the video its awesome, no embedding allowed, gay youtube)

The lead single off of Royce's comeback album, and one of 09's best albums. A majority of the Wu shred's a Dilla production that sounded like it was crafted for a Cuban Linx album.

#37 Eminem - Lose Yourself [2002]

Everyone's heard this song a million too many times, but who can deny this song? It's easily one of the best things he's ever done, and it seems like this is the closest we'll ever see Mr. Mathers reach his full potential. While 09's Relapse wasn't bad, it still had a hand full of just shit songs, which plagued a lot of his career.

#36 Cunninlynguists - "Seasons (ft Masta Ace)" [2003]

Although there was no music video made for this underground classic, it was released as a 12" single, which qualifies it for this list. Ohio's RJD2 produced this gem, as its one of the few 'lynguists songs that kno does not produce, but he does do a job as he shares mic duties with Legend Masta Ace, former member Mr. SoS and fellow founder of the group Deacon the Villain.

#35 Atmosphere - "Trying to find a Balance" [2003]

Atmosphere's 2003 album, Seven's Travels is often considered the Minnesota duo's worst full-length, but it also features their career defining single, Trying to Find a Balance.

#34 Royce da 5'9" - "Boom!" [2002]

This is vintage Primo with one of Detroit's finest emcees unleashing some his best rhymes.

#33 OutKast - "The Whole World (ft Killer Mike)" [2001]

Outkast drops yet another gem off of their 2001 greatest hits album, some of the best drums I've ever heard on a hip hop song.

#32 Brother Ali - "Room with a View" [2003]

Classic Ant and Ali. Ali's vivid lyricism makes me feel like a resident of Minneapolis.

#31 Mos Def - "Life in Marvelous Times" [2009]

Off of one of 2009's best albums, Mos makes his "Comeback" from 2004 and 2006 duds with this masterpiece. The way this tracks builds beautifully, there is no other word to describe the track other than well, Marvelous.

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