Monday, January 4, 2010

Rhymes: Best Hip Hop Singles of the Decade (30-21)

#30 Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life [2007]
While Lupe's first single (Super star) received more commercial success and his third single (Paris, Tokyo) recieved more critical acclaim from hip hop purists, but his second single off his second album is one of the best songs of the decade. Lupe tells a tale of an aspiring emcee trying to make it in the game, very inspirational.

#29 Scarface - On My Block [2002]

Off of 'face's classic 2002 album, the fix, the legendary Geto Boy emcee speaks on life in Houston Texas over those timeless keys.

#28 Eminem - Stan [2000]

Marshall Mathers' third single off of his arguably best album is my personal favorite Eminem single. Mr. Mathers' storytelling on this track is top notch, and his live performance of this song at the Grammy with Elton John is one of his most memorable moments of his career.

#27 Kidz in the Hall - Wheelz Fall Off ('06 til) [2006]

Off the duo's debut album, School was My Hustle this is one of the more obscure songs on this list, but this song is phenomenal. Double O's task of sampling a classic song (93 til Infinity) is often considered taboo, mainly because the song will rarely live up to the original, but this is not the case. Naledge drops some lyrical gems over the incredible soundscape laced by Double O.

#26 Dead Prez - Hip Hop [2000]

This incredible song was released at the beginning of the decade and was one of my first introductions to what is often called "Conscious Rap" but being a ten year old all i cared about was that crazy bass line.

#25 Blu & Exile - Blu Colla Workers [2007]

Amazing video and song, this is truly hip hop in its essence. I kept hearing people talking about Blu and how great his album was, I finally caved and for some reason this was the first song I listened to from the classic 2007 album, entirely produced by the MPC wizard, Exile, and I didnt listen to another song from the album for a couple weeks cuz I couldnt stop listening to this song.

#24 Common - The Corner [2005]

Often dubbed as Common's comeback single, his first release with Kanye West, few songs and albums giving me the feeling hearing them for the first time, that this song and Be did.

#23 Louis Logic - The Great Divide [2006]

Off of his sophomore album, Misery Loves Company, classic song and video.

#22 Beanie Sigel - Feel it in the Air [2005]

Beans' best song from his best album. I had this song on repeat for a lot of my freshman year in high school.

#21 Q-Tip - Gettin' Up [2008]
This is how a legend comes back after 9 years of shelved albums and disappointment. This song is vintage ATCQ.

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