Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rhymes: Top 50 hip hop singles of the decade (50-41)

So I decided to compile the top 50 Hip Hop singles of the past decade (there's just too much rock and other genres that I havent heard so it would be unfair for me to do a ranking of those genres), heres the criteria:
- Must be released from 2000-2009
- Must be a Single (VLS,CDS, Digi-Single) or have an official music video made for it
- Must be released by a hip hop artist and there must be mostly rapping on the record (no autotune singing shit)
- Must be on my iTunes library (sorry for those who I havent heard, but my library consists of 9289 songs currently)
- Must have a strong personal influence

and with that being said...

#50 Twista - "Overnight Celebrity" [2004]
[Video Not Found, Thanks YouTube]
Well you all know it, one of 2004s biggest hits, a classic Kanye beat.

#49 Dilated Peoples - "Worst Comes to Worst" [2001]

The trio from the left coast's most famous hit (until they collabed with a certain chi-town producer)

#48 Erick Sermon - "Relentless" [2004]

I could've very well gone with 2001's classic "Music" but this is the song is what introduced me to the green eye'd bandit and it's straight rapping, no hook, which i've always had a soft spot for.

#47 Jake One - "The Truth (ft. Freeway and Brother Ali) [2008]

The Seattle beatsmith brought together two of the fiercest emcees on this hard hitting production. Who comes better? my vote goes to Ali, but Free wasn't a slouch on this by any means.

#46 B.o.B - "I'll Be in the Sky" [2008]

Bobby Ray is easily the least prolific artist on the list, but he certainly isnt the least talented. This song is undeniable, and is a personal classic. As for Mr. Ray's future? only time will tell, his debut album will be released (hopefully) this April.

#45 Substantial - "It's You (I Think)" [2009]

Stan has given the QN5 label its first major air-play with this kno laced track.

#44 Wu Tang Clan - "The Heart Gently Weeps" [2007]

The come back single from the almighty Wu, while 8 diagrams wasn't as great as many would hope this song was fantastic. Ms. Badu on the chorus and George Harrison's son playing guitar. And Rae, Ghost and Mr. Mef bring it home. Classic Wu.

#43 Wyclef Jean - "Sweetest Girl (ft. Akon and Lil Wayne)

This almost broke my must-have-rapping-on-it rule, but lil wayne saves the day (Whaaa?), but seriously this is one of those songs i could hear a million times and not get sick of. I dont know why I love it so much, its just a damn good song.

#42 Da Ranjahz - "Inspiration (ft Cee-Lo)[2003]

This is the only song I know from this horribly named group, but this primo-produced track is a personal classic.

#41 Jay-Z - "Song Cry" [2001]

Here is the best single released from 2001's blueprint (how was heart of the city not released as a single???).

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