Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Nora's MMmm Lists (part 2)

And here is the much awaited conclusion to Nora's Mmmm (again, the word that I used when blog was lame, but I made the word blog cool again) Lists.

5 Reasons I Hate You (Editor's Note: directed towards me presumably)
1. You say "Suck It" way too much. Rude. (Editor's Note: Suck it.)
2. You didn't like the Fleetwood in Ann Arbor (Editor's Note: my bad I don't like restaurants where a couple can openly fornicate three inches from where I'm trying to eat, and sorry I don't like restaurants where the person cooking my food can smoke cigarettes while cooking and serving my food. Michigan is a backwards ass state)
3. You don't like J Kwon
4. You hate Canada and Michigan
5. You have AIDS (Editor's note: I am completely disease free (well at least of AIDS and most STIs)

5 Reasons I Love You (Editor's Note: again towards me.)
1. Your taste in MOST music
2. You don't judge me for Hip Hop Nation
3. You are so Jewish with monie$$ (Editor's Note: We at BRL are accepting of all cultures and are in no way anti-Semitic. Also we encourage the proper spelling of money)
4. Whenever you are in my car "Runaway" plays
5. You met Nala and Lulu (Rest in Peace, Bitches) (editor's note: Nala and Lulu are Nora's now deceased dogs. When I visited her in Michigan, one of them never moved and the other pissed everywhere)

5 Things I Despise of Troup (Editor's note she means about Troup, which is my home)
1. No Heat
2. Dishes
3. Smells of stale beer on Sundays.
4. The way the house looks after weekend parties
5. (Editor's Note: The paper was torn so i cant read #5, but I'm sure it sucked)

Things we Should Do This Year:
- Concerts
- Go to Ann Arbor
- Go to Zoo
- Go to Art Museum
- Have competition for who can drink more
- Learn how to use twitter (That's for MEE!!) (Editor's Note: Nora can now successfully use Twitter. Congratz, bitch)

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