Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BRL Update: New Look

As you probably already have noticed (all told your wives/husbands/moms/dads about) Dwight's Beet Farm got itself a new look. BRL went for an outside hire, and enlisted one-time Bawse, and fellow Blogger *l**n* B*z*s (Edited for security purposes) to do the site's design/header/logo. You can check out her blog, but as you will notice almost immediately, her blog (which is about books n shit) is vastly inferior to this blog. But in her defense BRL is wayyy nice, and probs the best blog in the blogosphere; this is based only on assumption because I've never looked at any other blogs (Did Van Gogh hang other dude's paintings in his house? didn't think so).

So enjoy the new and improved layout and give a shout out to The Bawse for hookin us up with something that doesn't "make [you] want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

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