Monday, February 28, 2011

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Nora's MMmm Lists (part 1)

Now BRL Devotees will remember back when we used to do these lists regularly. Basically my bro N*r* D*b***s (censored for security purposes)used to make lists for my Mmmm (cuz the word blog was lame back then, but not any more).

5 Best Things About Kanye's Movie, Runaway:
1. The quote, "Your girlfriend is beautiful - did you know she is a bird?"
2. His grandma loafers
3. Nicki Minaj narrating
4. Him running
5. How he captured a girlfriend/bird/phoenix

Favorite Things About Willow's "Whip My Hair":
- It makes me whip my hair

Least Favorite:
- The morning following hair whipping

5 Things I Love Most About Hip Hop Nation:
1. I'm white, yet it's on 98.7% of the time in my car.
2. The amount of 50 Cent played
3. "Runaway" coming on 50% of the time you are in the car with me
4. The fact that I call in and make requests daily
5. When times be hard - it makes everything better.

5 favorite reasons to Love Canada:
1. Loonies & Toonies (Editor's Note: Yeah, me neither)
2. Hockey (Editor's Note: yeah okay, bro)
3. Tim Horton's (Editor's Note: Starbucks >>>>>>)
4. Everyone is Friendly
5. It's Amuricah's Hat

My 5 Fav Dranks:
1. Labatt Blue
2. 4 Lokos
3. Champagne
4. Molson
5. Death Shots

(More Lists To Follow...)

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