Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juice's Thoughts: Super Hero Movies, and updates about The Dark Knight Rises

Captain America
Green Lantern
The Avengers

I am going to talk about all of them, just not all at once. I'm going to talk about the one I want to see the most and that is "The Dark Knight Rises" The movie comes out in 2012.

Tom Hardy is going to be playing one of the bad guys in this film and he is playing "Bane." Now when you think of "Bane" DON'T THINK OF THE 1997s Batman and Robin Movie! The Bane in that movie was a mistake! If you think he is just a strong guy that just says his name over and over then you don't know Bane at all!

Bane is strong, but he is also very smart. The story of Bane was that he was a criminal and was in a prison. (I don't recall the whole story of his background) and when ever Bane was being trouble he was placed in a dark tower for punishment. He hated the tower because he was scared of the bats that lived there. Over time Bane became a test subject. He was given a chemical to make him strong, most of the test subjects have died from the chemical. But Bane was not one of them, and that is how he got his strafe. Bane went to Gotham,he learned that the man scaring the criminals of the city was a man dressed as a bat. Bane did not like this so the story of Bane was that he wanted to defeat Batman.

(Spoiler alert- Bane did defeat Batman. Bane broke Batman's back and that made him think he killed Batman. Batman was not dead but he needed time to heal. so during that time he got someone to put on the batman suit and become batman until he was ready to get back on his feet.)

Now i want to talk about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle. If you don't know who Selina Kyle is, she is Catwoman. Now there is always a love story with Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. and a love story of Batman and Catwom. It happened in the 60s batman movie, the 1993 batman movie. the 90s cartoon batman show. and it happen in the books. If you remember in the last movie, Batman's want-to-be girl friend "Rachel" died. I know the director Christopher Nolan is great on giving the people surprises and unpredictable movies. But there is no way of hiding it, the love story of this movie look obvious.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan; I remember reading somewhere that he wants this to finish the Batman movies. Don't worry there will always be a batman movie. Batman has too many fans and makes too much money to never to be used again. But there would be a different director, actors and a new story line. But if this is Nolan's last Batman movie: my first thought was maybe he makes it that Bane does kill batman? But that does not fit he title of "The Dark Knight Rises." unless after Batman dies, another man takes his place. But like i said Nolan is good at making things unpredictable. My only prediction for now (with out seeing any trailers) is that Bane kills Catwan. I think this because Batman's girl friends always die in the books.
some people complained about Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle. They don't see her as Catwoman. but a lot of people complained about Heath Ledger playing Joker.

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