Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Juice's Thoughts: The Hangover Part II

From the looks of this photo it looks like this movie is just re-using the same jokes from the first movie. In the photo you only see three of the guys, did they lose the 4th guy again? Another thing in the photo is a monkey. That is a big step down from the tiger that they had in the first one. Looking at two of the men you can see one cut their hair, and the other got a tattoo, so i guess that better then losing a tooth.

I really wonder how the story is going to go. Are they going to get drugged up? Do some crazy things and not remember any thing the next day like they did in the first movie? You would think after the first time they would be more careful. If the movie makers can show us that happen again that is believable then this movie might have a good story to it. Or the story is going to just show the three guys getting into more trouble as they try to remember what happen the night before. I'm guessing the words "I can't believe this happened again" will come up and like i said before they will most likely re-use the same jokes but change them up a bit so you don't think your just watching the first one again.

But I hope i'm wrong and there is a good/okay story to it. The makers are keeping the movie in the dark for now, which is why you don't see any trailers. This could be a good thing because they don't want to spoil the story; I know Bill Clinton is going to be in it so that might be funny.
The movie comes out in five months and we will see if it's a new story, or just re-using the same jokes.

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