Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rhymes: Top Single of the Decade #10-1

10. Kanye West - "Jesus Walks" [2004]

This song put Jesus on the radio, a feat that very few can they've accomplished.

9. Marco Polo - "Nostalgia (ft. Masta Ace) [2007]

Masta Ace delivers some pure hip hop lyricism over the Canadian beatsmith's vintage boom bap production.

8. Freeway - "What We Do (ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Siegle) [2003]

One of those songs that just hit me hard when I first heard it. My introduction to the Philly Freezer over this just blaze gem, was an unforgettable one.

7. Nas - "Made You Look" [2002]

Pure, raw, stripped down, NY hip hop. One of the God's son's finest.

6. UGK - "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (ft. OutKast) [2007]

Once you think 3 Stacks has completely run away with another track that doesnt belong to him, the drums drop in and the late great pimp comes in with some of his hungriest rhymes. Off of the best double disk released in the decade, the pimp was so in the zone during this album after being released from prison, and its tragic we lost a legend right when he was in his prime.

5. Talib Kweli - "Get By" [2002]

So after listening to College Dropout for the millionth time, I decided to check out more from one of his guest spots, Talib Kweli. My jaw completely dropped when I first heard this song, I went out and instantly purchased Quality after hearing Kweli's most recognizable single.

4. CunninLynguists - "Don't Leave (When Winter Comes) (ft. Slug of Atmosphere" [2009]

It is very rare when collaborations between two high profile artists work out as well as this (not that atmosphere and cunninlynguists are all that popular, but in the underground these two groups reign supreme). Slug, my favorite emcee paired up with the Cunninlynguists, my favorite group, released an incredible song. Kno's beat was flawless, Slug's verse, amazing, Deac and Natti, top notch as well, but the sample in the outro is absolutely haunting and breath taking.

3. Kanye West - "Through the Wire" [2004]

I will never forget the first time I saw this video. I had never heard of Kanye West up until that point, but when I saw this video, I knew this guy was going to be special. And once I heard "All Falls Down" and "Slow Jams" I bought one of my favorite albums of the decade (and all time), College Dropout during my 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. This song was the beginning to one of the most important and influential artists of the decade.

2. Reflection Eternal - "The Blast" [2000]

Just an undeniable song where two incredible musicians are at their peak delivering an inspired masterpiece that will never be duplicated. The Ohio native and the BK emcee dropped one of the decades best albums right at the beginning of the decade at it stayed at the top throughout the years.

1. OutKast - "Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.)" [2000]

One of the most innovative songs in the history of hip hop. This song gets love from hip hop purists, critics, and the mainstream radio. Unprecedented performances by three stacks and sir lucious claims the top spot on my list, this song is undeniable greatness.

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