Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rymes: Best Hip Hop Single of the Decade #20-11

#20 Devin the Dude - "What a Job (ft. Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000) [2007]

Devin and Snoop do their thing speaking of the behind the scenes shit that goes into making music. But my God does 3 stacks go off on that last verse. Verses from Benjamin Andre were few and far between towards the end of the decade, but all of them were absolutely spectacular as this one.

#19 Nas - "One Mic" [2001]

Few songs and videos are as powerful as Mr. Jones' 2nd single off of Stillmatic. This and "Hate me Now" were my introduction to the God Son emcee.

#18 Atmosphere - "Guarantees" [2008]

One of the best songs off of one of the best albums of the decade. Sean Daley doe shis damn thing speaking of blue collared struggles over amazing guitar playing by Nate Collis. ONe of my favorite atmosphere songs ever.
#17 Dilated Peoples - "This Way ft Kanye West" [2004]

Damn I miss backpack rap Kanye. This song was an introduction to one of my favorite west coast acts, Dilated Peoples and Evidence. One of my fav Kanye productions ever.

#16 Gangstarr - "Rite Where You Stand (ft Jadakiss)" [2003]

One of my fav Primo joints ever, 'kiss and Guru deliever incredible verses over my introduction to that gritty NY boom bap hip hop.

#15 SunN.Y. - "Soul of a Hustler" [2005]

Now this is an incredible song from an artist who i've never heard from again. He was signed to so so def in 05 but his album was never released, which is a damn shame becuase few emcees can hold down a 5 minute song with just straight spitting and no hook. This song is just as amazingly jaw dropping today as it was half a decade ago.

#14 Hi-Tek - "Music is for Life (ft Nas & Common)[2006]

Nas blacks out on one of hi-teks best beats ever. I prefer hi-teks original verse on this song that was on the demo version of the song, but Common is also excellent on this track.

#13 Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push" [2006]
Lupe's debut single was an instant classic, a smooth lush beat provided soundtrakk. Lupe's introduction to the world came at a perfect time, where D4L was dominating the airwaves and nas claim hip hop's demise, lupe brought lyricism back to the forefront of mainstream hip hop.

#12 Jay Electronica - "Exhibit C" [2009]

Similarly what Lupe did 3 years earlier, Jay Electhannekkuh has had the internet going insane during the final weeks of the decade. This being the newest single on the list, its difficult to place exactly where this song belongs in the list, but few songs that I can remember have had as much impact as this just blaze production.

#11 CunninLynguists - "Mexico" [2007]

This song is just a masterpiece. Off of one of the best albums of the decade, released as a digi-single, songs like these make me wonder why arent the 'Lynguists all over MTV and selling a million records. Its a damn shame, maybe in a different era, they would be the most acclaimed group of a generation, but in this decade, they are underground's special little secret.

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