Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rhymes: Strange Journey Vol #1

I recieved the Cunninlynguists new (techniquely a mixtape) CD thing. It is not a full-length album because it consists of 3 remixes of old songs, 3 songs by artists not in the group, and a live performance of a song from their first album. But with that being said, this is so much better than a mixtape. Strange Journey vol 1 plays on a loose concept, the intro the group steals a broken down green van, which is prominently spoken about throughout this mixtape cd thing. The Strange Journey is simply about the life on the road, touring. The 'lynguists bring a more feel-good, fun approach to this project, which is great because they are so damn funny (see the skit, "White Guy Mindtricks"), its just they are so damn great at making serious, introspective music. Also this mixtape/CD boasts the biggest collaborations in the history of the group, which hopefully lead to a bigger fanbase. The remixes of "KKKY" and "Georgia" feature Nappy Roots and Killer Mike with Khujo Goodie from Goodie Mob respectively. My only complaint is that Deacon, Natti, and Kno do not appear on those two tracks, which is a little disappointing. But the most notable feature is "Dont Leave (When Winter Comes)" featuring Slug from Atmosphere, and there is no disappointment, it is quite possibly my favorite Cunninlynguists track. The mixCD closes with another standout track, "Broken Van" featuring Mac Leathal which talks about the aforementioned van that broke down, and in the outro they buy an Imperial which will lead into Vol 2 which will be released in September.

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