Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Dwight Schrute's Beet Farm: Things That Don't Sit Too Well With Me Vol. #3

- the phrase "FML"
- my crap top
- bad grammar
- BGSU internet connection
- Dell computers
- the waitress at Frickers
- dry wings at Frickers
- Ohio weather
- BG floods
- the state of Michigan


  1. i take offense to your hatred of the state of Michigan....cant you just say you hate all the teams from Michigan??? haha

    i also enjoy using the term Fuck my life....but i HATE when it is abbreviated like that

  2. no i really dont like the state. my distain towards the sporting teams in michiagan is pretty irrelevant

  3. I like reading FMLs but don't particularly say "FML"/"Fuck my life" very often.
    Bad grammar is also something that aggravates me, so does bad spelling, you're prone to that.
    Amber wants you to know she likes the state of Michigan "they have nice venues."

  4. Also having to verify my humanity on your blog also doesn't sit well with me.