Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rhymes: #40-31 Greatest Albums of All Time

#40 Bone Thungs-N-Harmony "E. 1999 Eternal"

Best Verse: Bizzy Bone on "1st of the Month"
Best Beat: "1st of the Month"
Best Song: "Crossroad"

#39 Thom Yorke "The Eraser"

Best Song: "And It Rained All Night"

#38 Talib Kweli "Quality"

Best Verse:"Won't You Stay" Verse 1
Best Beat: "Get By"
Best Song: "Get By"

#37 Bright "Cassadega"

Best Song: "Lime Tree"

#36 A Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory"

Best Verse: "Excursions" Q-Tip
Best Beat: "Scenario"
Best Song: "Check the Rhime"

#35 Scarface "The Fix"

Best Verse: Verse 1 on "My Block"
Best Beat:"Guess Who's Back"
Best Song: "In Between Us"

#34 Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon"

Best Song "Time"
Best Instrumental: "Great Gig in the Sky"

#33 Mos Def "Black on Both Sides"

Best Verse: Verse 1 "Brooklyn"
Best Beat: "Mathematics"
Best Song: "Ms. Fat Booty"

#32 Goodie Mob "Soul Food"

Best Verse: Cee-Lo on "I Didnt Ask to Come"
Best Beat: "The Day After"
Best Song: "The Day After"

#31 Masta Ace "Disposable Arts"

Best Verse: "Too Long"
Best Beat: "Acknowledge"
Best Song: "Hold U"

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