Monday, April 20, 2009

Life: Record Store Day (Saturday April 18)

Every year there is an unofficial holiday to celebrate the independent record store community. With the rise of digital music, record stores are starting to fail. To help get people back buying from independent record stores, people instituted record store day. My friends and I attended went to BG's local independent reocord store, Finders, and to our surprise it was Record Store Day.

I decided to buy one of my favorite albums of all time, The COllege Dropout, on vinyl.

Here are all of the free CDs I got for coming to Finders on Record Store Day.

This is A Piece of Strange by the Cunninlynguists. It has been discontinued and being sold for $49.99 on, and i found it in the used/discounted section for 6.99 there were 2 copies, I may go back and sell it on ebay or something.

The folder to put all of our free music into.

the sticker given to the people who went to the record store that day.

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  1. Why is the image of your pop stained shorts not on here?