Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Movie (No Big Spoilers)

Now before I start talking about this movie I just want to say that I never read a Harry Potter book. So I can't compair the movie to the book. I enjoyed the movies; I liked the first 4 movies but did not care too much for 5th, and 6th ones. But I really liked this one. I found it very entertaining, exciting, and funny. Now when the movie was over my friend was upset that they left so much out of the movie from the book.
I can injoy the movies a lot better becuase I did not read the books. But when I first heard that they were breacking the movie into two parts, I was happy. Because the makers knew that there was so much to show and talk about that they could not fit it into one movie. So because they were making two movies for this book they did not have to rush the movie and not let so much out of the book. Most of the time when they rush movies its the funny parts that get taken out, and that makes it less entertaining to me. The movie was not boring at any time.
If they wanted to put as much story line into the movie as the book had they would of made this movie 3 parts. If this movie was 3 parts I bet they would of been able to get almost everything from the book. Fans would of loved the moive more and would of been happy to know that there will be another Harry Potter movie to go see. It's not line the makers don't have the money to make another Harry Potter movie; the movies make alot of money.

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