Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rhymes: Kno (of Cunninlynguists) - Death is Silent (Album Info)

This is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Kno of the Cunninlynguists, has spent most of the time in the past 4 CL projects behind the boards. And with this release he will finally display his rapping abilities. Also a big selling point for this album is that it will be released on my 21st birthday! So everyone on October 12th, go down to Finders grab a copy of this album and then meet me at the bars and buy me a drank.

Death Is Silent, the solo debut from CunninLynguists‘ producer and emcee Kno, is set to be released on October 12th 2010.

While handling nearly all of CL’s production since the group’s inception in 2001, his emceeing has more recently taken a backseat to his beats — and it has shown. Fueled by Kno’s lush production techniques, A Piece of Strange currently ranks as the #8 release of 2005 (and the only hip-hop release in the Top 30) at high traffic web community, Dirty Acres was awarded “Album Of The Year” honors by for 2007 and both of 2009’s compilation releases, Strange Journey Volume One and Two, were given “Top Ten Albums” honors at

After amassing only 4 verses over the CunninLynguists’ last four releases, the Atlanta-based artist is set to step out from behind the boards on Death Is Silent, both producing the entirety of the record and handling the majority of the vocals. The record’s concept involves the inevitability of death and its impact on love, life, family and friends. The artwork was realized by Argentinian visual artist Diego Fernandez.

Kno will still see plenty of activity on the production side of things, as the next 6 months will see the release of Oneirology, CunninLynguists’ newest studio album in 3 years, Chico and The Man, the long-awaited concept album with fellow QN5 MusicTonedeff as well as MacheteVision, a joint project with emcee Marq Spekt. artist and longtime friend

While all of these releases will be produced entirely by Kno, his production will also be featured on upcoming projects by Freddie Gibbs, 9th Wonder signee Tom Hardy as well as the album Niggaz With Latitude, a group project from CL’s own Deacon The Villain and Sheisty Khrist.

Death Is Silent will be released on CunninLynguists’ own imprint APOS Music.

Pre-orders begin right here at on September 3rd 2010.

01. Death Is Silent
02. If You Cry
03. La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
04. Rhythm Of The Rain
05. Spread Your Wings
06. Loneliness
07. Smile (They Brought Your Coffin In)
08. Graveyard
09. I Wish I Was Dead
10. They Told Me
11. When I Was Young
12. Not At The End
13. The New Day (Death Has No Meaning)

And a little sneak peak:

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