Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rhymes: What the Ef is a B.o.B (Bobby Ray)?

The second installment of BRL's What the Ef series comes from none other than the ATL. Bobby Ray (aka B.o.B) has been making a name for himself for over a year now appearing on T.I.'s latest album, touring with the likes of Asher Roth and Pac Div, and appearing on XXL's freshman 10 last year. His upcoming album, Adventures of Bobby Ray boasts the amazing single, "I'll Be in the Sky". Bobby Ray is probably the most talented member from the Freshman 10, as he can rap/sing/play guitar/piano and more. He has gotten comparisons to Andre 3000, and the video below is why i think he's gponna be a star very soon...

Also here is a link to the song that he is featured on from Cobro Starship called "The World Will Never Do" its great.

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