Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rhymes: #9 Greatest Albums: CunninLynguists "Dirty Acres"

Dirty Acres
Released: November 27, 2007
QN5/APOS Music/ Bad Taste Records

Track List:
01. Never (ft. Big Rube)
02. Valley of Death
03. Dirty Acres
04. Kentucky (Interlude)
05. K.K.K.Y.
06. Wonderful (ft. Devin the Dude)
07. Yellow Line (ft. Witchdoctor & Phonte of Little Brother)
08. The Park
09. Summer's Gone
10. They Call Me (Interlude)
11. Gun (ft. Shiesty Khrist)
12. Dance for Me
13. Georgia
14. Things I Dream
15. Mexico (ft. Club Dub)

Music is the cure for anything. Very few artists have the ability to make any situation better just from the sound of their music. I got the pre-order of Dirty Acres that came with a bonus disk with the instrumentals and the cd is signed by the 3 members (Kno, Deacon the Villian, and Natti). Unfortunately the order didnt come on the release date, but it had leaked to the internet. On the night of Thanksgiving, 2007, I caved in and downloaded it. This was during my senior year, and I was going through some hard times at that point, but from the opening pianos and Deacon's crooning "When life is just a memory...", and hearing Big Rube's (the guy who did poetry on Outkast's albums) powerful voice, it lifted me instantly.

After releasing an album like A Piece of Strange (Which is still coming on the countdown...), an artist may struggle at figuring out what to do to follow up. Dirty Acre's is a southern masterpiece, in which may not be better than its predecessor, but certainly more accessible and even more personal. The newest member of the group, Natti, improved phenominally on his second album with the group expecially with verses like his one from "Georgia". Deacon's singing on the hooks also seemed to be more prominent with great hooks on songs like "Mexico" and "Yellow Lines". Kno's production isn't necessarily better than APOS, but you really cant improve on perfection, you can only continue it, which he does on Dirty Acres. Kno also finds himself on the microphone more times on Dirty Acres than previous records, delievering 16s on "Georgia", "Gun", and the most impressive, the shockingly personal "Things I Dream" where he says "If you knew where my head is, when I'm doing these records, you would never listen to my music again..."

With this 2007 effort, the 'Lynguists established themselves as my favorite artists and the still hold that title today. This album is flawless all the way through with maybe the exception of the two interludes (they're not as good as they were on APOS) and the almost too mellow, "The Park", but even these would be highlights on several other albums. The climax of the album is after Kno's verse on "Things I Dream" where a vocal sample says "I wanna live a real life, I dont want to dream any longer" then it immediately cuts into the beautiful keys of "Mexico" where Deacon sings on the hook, "I know these dreams are make believe, but I dont think we should let them go...". The emotions evoked on my first listening of this album are indescribable. All music should give people that sort of feeling.

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