Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rhymes: #20-11 Greatest Albums of All Time

#20) Common - Resurrection
What this album means to me: I bought this album in Tower Records during my freshman trip to Chicago. This album includes one of the best songs I've ever heard, "I Used to Love H.E.R." With excellent production from No I.D., Com gave 1994 the second best album of that year.
Best 3 consecutive Songs: Resurrection, I Used to Love H.E.R., Watermellon

#19) Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
What this album means to me: Raekwon,Ghostface,and RZA all come together to deliever the best album from the WU with Cuban Linx. A perfect summer vibe album which occupied most of my summer 2006, when I first got this album.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Wu Gambinos, Heaven & Hell, North Star

#18) Outkast - Aquemini
What this album means to me: Arguably 'Kast's best album, and the peak of Andre 3000's lyrical ability. It took me a while to appriciate this album because it was so much different than ATLiens, but during the fall 2008, it finally grew on me.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Skew it on the Bar-B, Aquemini, Synthesizer

#17) Radiohead - OK Computer
What this album means to me: Critically acclaimed, and considered one of the 90s best offerings, there is little to be said about OK Computer that hasn't already been said. I bought this album in the height of my Radiohead obsession which took part from the fall of 07 to the summer 08. I bought this a couple months after I had gotten Kid A, which I didnt like much at the time.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Exit Music (For a Film), Let Down, Karma Police

#16) Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens
What this album means to me: Two no names put together one of the best debut albums in the decade. After being constantly praised on, I decided to give it a chance, I downloaded the Advance version of the album. Initially I thought the album was ok, but was overrated. Then I realized the version of the album I had was not the retail version, so I downloaded it again, and the sequencing and removal of two songs turned a good album into a classic. Blu is witty, funny, clever, personal, and insightful in his 2007 debut. Many of his songs helped me through my senior year in high school.
Best 3 consecutive Songs: First Things First, No Greater Love, Show Me the Good Life

#15) Common - Be
What this album means to me: This is the quitesential summer album. Summer 2005 this album did not leave my CD player. I've played this album front to back so many times, the vibes are incredible. Kanye and J Dilla laid the perfect landscape for the summer and Common knocked it out the park from the intro to Its Your World.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Love Is..., Chi-City, The Food (Live)

#14) Nas - Stillmatic
What this album means to me: This album, known to many as his come back album,was my introduction to Nas. I didnt actually get this album until 2005, but One Mic was the first song I've ever heard from Mr. Jones, and he is definitely in my top 5 emcees.
Best 3 consecutive songs: My Country, What Goes Around (Poison), Every Ghetto

#13) Outkast - ATLiens
What this album means to me: I got this album during the final days of my junior year, and played it constantly throughout the summer. One of my favorite intros ever "You May Die" is as beautiful as the first day of summer and the last song on the album, "13th Floor/ Growing Old" Feels like the last day of summer.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Millenium, E.T., 13th Floor/Growing Old

#12) Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
What this album means to me: This 5 track album is easily the most coheisive album on this list, where the 5 tracks feel more like one. This is my favorite album from Pink Floyd, who is my favorite band from the 70s. Also the title track is probably one of my favorite rock songs of all time.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Have a Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Shine on You Crazy Diamond (parts iv-ix)

#11) Royce Da 5'9" - Death is Certain
What this album means to me: This album dominated my freshman year of high school, which I guess you call the height of my teen age aingst. This album is so dark and personal, Detroit's best emcee was severly depressed during the writing of this album, which he recorded in the very late nights, which kind of sets the dark mood for the record. With most of the production handled by 6 July, who worked with Biggie during his Life After Death album, its evident Royce was almost channelling Big and Pac during this ominous album. This also is one of the best sequenced and coheisive albums I have ever heard.
Best 3 consecutive songs: Everybody Goes, Death is Certain Pt 2 (It Hurts), Somethings Wrong With Him

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