Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rhymes: An Interveiw with The Coup's Eric Zirger

We at BRL TV were able to sit down with The Coup Kids' Eric "Zirgs" Zirger for an interview. This interview will also be featured in the group's full-length documentary about the group recording their debut project, Six Strings & a Mic: An EP. Zirger touches on many topics during this interview including how he got started playing guitar, how he first started writing his own guitar riffs, how he got into writing lyrics, and more.

While there is no set release date for my and Zirger's debut as The Coup Kids. We are probably looking to release it before June. Here is the link to the two singles we've released from the project, thus far.

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  1. i love the subtle mention of garrett lol
    this is a really good interview. zirger answer the questions really well and his input was interesting to hear about.