Friday, April 16, 2010

Rhymes: Dwight Schrute's Baby Beats (Part 2)

Freddie Gibbs
-I first heard Gangsta Gibbs on the opening track on CunninLynguists’ Strange Jouney Vol 2. And he went OFF on that Kno beat. The Gary, Indiana native is bringing [Good] gangsta rap back to the forefront. You can check out his 80-plus-track mixtape, TheLabelsTryinToKillMe and fall in love with his nonchalant flow and deep voice.

-This Seattle native has recently become my favorite, new rapper. Although he is not all that new, as he released his debut album in 2005. After that he disappeared for a while until last year coming back with a boom dropping two excellent projects: The Unplanned Mixtape and The Vs EP.

-He, like Macklemore, also got his start in Seattle (although he lives in Brooklyn and was born in Chicago) is not all that new to the game either. Coming into 2010 he has 2 albums under his belt already, but his career is about to reach all-time heights after signing to Rhymesayers Ent. His 2008 album, 88 Keys and Counting was re-released with a ten track EP, Confessions of Mr. Modest, which has been in constant rotation since its early March release.

Pac Div
-The Cali-trio dropped one of the best mixtapes last year with Church League Champs. They are about to drop one more mixtape (Don’t Mention It) before their long awaited debut album, Grown Kid Syndrome.

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