Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rhymes: masterminds - "fightmusic (Feat. Murs & Slug)" (Artist Spotlight)

Obviously seeing a track featuring Slug and Murs in my inbox is going to catch my eye, but the New York based duo masterminds are very dope. They got a very raw, DIY aesthetic, with hard hitting drums and dusty samples. "fightmusic" is one of several high energy tracks on their new album "Giant Antlers." Check out their extremely bizarre, animated video up above, and you can check out their whole album here: I've only played it once, and so far it's pretty excellent top to bottom. My initial favorites are "fightmusic," "east harlem rose," and "new york i love you. i'm drunk. you're insane."

fightmusic from the masterminds on Vimeo.

the masterminds are tarik and kimani. born in new york. formed at wesleyan university. son's of 60's jazz, 70's soul, 80's pop, 90's hip-hop, and 00's indie rock. we've been friends since 1994. put out our first 12" in 1996, and our last record in 2002. took some time off to be alive, and now we're back.


  1. Everyone is always on the hunt for the next big influential voice in Hip Hop! Well, I encourage you to give a listen to: Jay Marley Shakur! She is the New Age Teacher! Jay is a college educated woman with a masters degree in education who has talent and skills! She hails from Rochester,NY! Her love and passion for music stems very far and she is most definitely and up and coming artist. Most consider her to be a voice for the voiceless and a voice of hope.
    Jay Marley Shakur is the artists name! To visit her website/preview her music please click on the link below! All the best!

    "Nothing is impossible. The word possible is in the word impossible. Dream big and go hard!"

    1. I checked him out . He's pretty dope ! You should check out G Town Entertainment/Music hot new artist. He's number 3 for the state of Oklahoma on reverbnation. Take a listen Hmu up on twitter @cynosure_inme and let me know what you think .

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