Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhymes: The Black Keys "El Camino" Album Announcement

BRL devotees (who presumably are also HIMYM fans) will recognize the guy from this trailer as Artillery Arthur from How I Met Your Mother.

Although hearts were broken when the Blak Roc 2 trailer turned out to be less than legitimate. Ohio's pride and joy, The Black Keys are back again with their next album titled, El Camino. Production will be handled by Danger Mouse (who did Attack & Release, and the smash single "Tighten Up"). Coming off of a couple of Grammy wins, Dan and Patrick are looking to cap off a fantastic year for rock music on December 6th with their 7th LP.

I'm sure a lead single will be released very soon, so be on the look out for that. More info Here and Pre-Orders Here.

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  1. Non-shitheads, on the other hand, will recognize this man as Bob Odenkirk of Mr Show with Bob and David.

    JK LOLz!