Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rhymes: #6 Greatest Album of All Time: Bright Eyes "Fevers & Mirrors"

Oberst's 2000 classic is easily the darkest and probably the most difficult album to listen to on this list. Classifying this album as an "emo" album does it a great injustice, but you still cant deny that this album evokes very strong emotions; with songs dealing with heartbreak and suicide. Oberst's whiney voice is for selected tastes only, but for those who dont mind it will find some of the most brilliant lyrics of this generation.

Mirrors is a 12 track masterpiece that uses a lot of metaphors and imagery that upon hundreds of listens, I probably still havent understood every lyric. I often compare this album to the #7 album on this list, God Loves Ugly. Both are very pessimistic and somber, and both have a specific woman many of the songs are dedicated to. Daley dedicates much of God Loves Ugly to a woman named Lucy, and Oberst speaks of a woman named Arienette.

This is a fan made video for "Calendar Hung Itself"

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